ACD Tas's Family Support Practice - The Association for Children with Disability (Tas) Inc

ACD Tas’s Family Support Practice

When you receive ACD Tas Family Support Services you can expect the following professional practice and approach from our employees.

How we practice

ACD Tas Disability Consultants are not “neutral umpires” or mediators. We believe in the fundamental principle that the rights and interests of the child or young person with disability are upheld at all times.

We exist to assist families and their children.

Family and Person Focused

Disability Consultants can take referrals from external sources and will only activate a referral when they have spoken with and gained consent from the family member, carer, or legal guardian or independent adult with disability who is requiring assistance.

We work at the direction and leadership of the involved parent/carer/legal guardian or young adult with disability toward achieving agreed outcomes.

Focused on the Best Interests of the Child

ACD Tas staff utilise Conventions, State and Australian Government Acts, and policy and standards of best practice to guide decisions based on the best interests of the child.

ACD Tas staff maintain a good understanding of disability, children, and family rights.

ACD Tas is culturally sensitive and respects diversity.

Information in support of Disability and Children’s rights can be found on the Finding Your Way website.


We respect that families and people with disability share their stories and confide in ACD Tas employees. Our staff at all times treat information received with sensitivity, professionalism and confidentiality.

Empowerment based

ACD Tas staff work to increase the power, choice and control that families with children/young people with disability have over their own lives. ACD Tas staff strive in their work practice for families and their individual members to have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate, reach their full potential and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Duty of care

ACD Tas Disability Consultants have a responsibility to not advocate or work in ways that are illegal or that will significantly harm or disadvantage the family or their child/ren.

Conflict Managed

ACD Tas Disability Consultants are at times involved in situations where conflict, even hostility, is evident from a previous disagreement. Experience has shown that the process of respectful voicing of differences can be very useful and important for resolving issues, even where this is challenging. Where issues are present and professional advocacy is required we recommend ACD Tas involvement at the earliest possible point. Early involvement can often lead to further prevention and fast resolution of issues.

ACD Tas’s Independence

ACD Tas supports are independent; without conflicts of interest.  ACD Tas does not provide “Direct Carer” services to children with disability.

Disability Consultants focus on the rights and best interests of the person with disability and their family at all times while working to achieve agreed outcomes.